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Medicaid Non Emergency Medical Transportation

Did you know?

  • If you are a Medicaid, Fidelis, or Hamaspik customer, you may be eligible for FREE Non-emergency medical transportation?

  • Medicaid covers non-emergency medical transportation to ensure that Medicaid beneficiaries can get to and from their scheduled medical services.

  • T4medical appointments, dialysis treatments, or picking up medications at the pharmacy. 

  • Medicaid coverage of non-emergency medical transportation can help if you do not have a working car, a driver’s license, a physical or mental disability, or are unable to travel or wait for a ride alone.

What about long distance trips?

  • MAS will arrange long distance trips out of town when medically necessary.  

How do I get  "free" ride?

  • Please call or have your medical provider call and request:   We Care